* 著者名 * 題名 * 備考
The New English Bible, Ecclesiasticus 『シラ書』, [30:26]
Caldwell, Erskine The Lonely Day
Frost, Robert Reader's Digest の記事か? Talk:Robert Frost - Wikiquote
Hall, Wendy Life in England
Kierkegaard, Søren Aabye A Kierkegaard anthology (edited by Robert Bretall)か? College of Arts and Sciences
Maugham, W. S. Books and You
Maugham, W. S. The Circle
Orwell, George The English People
Russell, Bertrand Human Society in Ethics and Politics
Sherriff, R. C. The Fortnight in September
Traver, R. Anatomy of Murder
Wain, John Nuncle
Wright, Richard The God that Failed


* 著者名 * 題名 * 備考
Aldington, Richard Rejected Guest
Aldington, Richard Seven Against Reeves
Ambler, Eric Cause for Alarm
Caldwell, Erskin Around About America
Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany's
Carr, John Dickson It Walks by Night
Christie, Agatha Murder Is Easy
Christie, Agatha The Mystery of the Blue Train
Crane, Stephen Maggie
Cronin, A. J. A Thing of Beauty
de Maurier, Daphne Mary Anne
de Maurier, Daphne My Cousin Rachel
de Maurier, Daphne The Apple Tree
de Maurier, Daphne The Scapegoat
Durant, Will The Story of Philosophy
Fitch, Clyde Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines
Froude, James Anthony Oceania
Gallico, Paul Trial by Terror
Garnett, David Go She Must
Green, Graham Brighton Rock
Maugham, W. S. A Woman of Fifty
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman
Nathan, Robert The Enchanted Voyage
O'Flaherty, Liam The Neighbour's Wife
Roberts, Kenneth Rabble in Arms
Steinbeck, J. The Pastures of Heaven
Steinbeck, J. The Pearl







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